Interior Wall Coverings

The interior wall cladding options are very varied and each one is valid for many surfaces. At Equo Arquitectura Diseño we enrich our projects with design coatings using ceramic, stoneware, natural wood, natural stone, microcement, wallpapers, vinyl, resins, moldings, etc.

Although there are coating preferences depending on the type of room, there is an industrial trend that has increased and is the use of designs with an aesthetic based on cement, in large formats that provide sobriety. In general, neutral tones stand out because they generate spaces with wide visual continuity. These properties have increased its installation of interior wall cladding in living rooms and large rooms as well.

Textures are an enriching point in any material and the perfection of the current finishes makes them pleasant to the eye and to the touch. But the choice of coatings for interior walls, exterior walls, interior floors and exterior floors, must take into account the characteristics of the environment because the properties of the material and its surface must be suitable for each room, depending above all on the conditions of humidity.

That is why we pay special attention to technical characteristics for interior wall coverings for bathrooms and kitchens.

The interior wall cladding of wood has always been a major trend in interior design and architecture, because it is capable of transmitting warmth, versatility and character, both at home and in contract projects. Currently its appearance has been renewed in the interior design. There are wooden cladding with many appearances, formats and installation systems, which allow us to make unique modern designs adapted to the needs of different rooms.

The interior wall cladding of wood has no competition when it comes to nobility and naturalness and currently we have endless alternatives, as many as the finished colors and shades the wood has. To all this we add the formats that allow us to make geometric designs and compositions.

Regarding its features, in addition to its variety, the wood is quick and easy to install, offers good insulation, resistance to impacts, a feeling of comfort and is easy to clean.

One of the trends for interior wall cladding in wood is compositions of horizontal or vertical slats placed in parallel, in partial areas without completely covering the base surface, adding a contrast effect and a variety of materials, to bring warmth to decorations. minimalist and industrial in character.

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