Electric water heaters: The problems and solutions

Electric water heaters

The electric water heater issues can bring numerous symptoms incorporating issues with water temperature, smell, leaks, discoloration, and noise. We have listed some hot water heater troubleshooting tips:

  1. Firstly, before doing anything, make sure that you switch off the power. It can be done by switching the fuse or circuit breaker connected with the heating unit off. Reach out to the top services of heating repair in Palatine if your electric water heater is not functioning as per your expectations.
  2. It can be a big issue if there is no sign of hot water. The reason for this issue can be a damaged thermostat, lack of power, or a defective upper electric heating element.  You should begin by ruling out power issues. Reset any tripped circuit breakerin the first place, and then substitute any blown fuse. See if the power is being delivered to the electric water heating element thermostat. Check the element, and if you find any defect, replace it. Lastly, if the thermostat is getting power but still not operating, substitute it or the electric water heating element.
  3. Leaks can occur due to a faulty temperature and pressure relief valve, a leaking water tank, excessive pressure, a stuck valve, a leak from an adjacent or overhead plumbing connection, or overheating. For determining the condition of the T&P valve, place a bucket beneath the overhead tube, open the valve and flush it clear of waste. Repair or replace it if it still leaks. For repair purposes, find reputable companies of heating repair in Palatine.
  4. Corrosion in a glass-lined tank or a failing sacrificial anode rod can result in rust-coloured or discoloration of water. One of the best “trouble shooting electric water heaters” tips is to change the failing anode rod with a magnesium rod. A decaying sacrificial rod could discharge hydrogen, causing a stink like rotten eggs. To deal with this, you first flush the water heater; treat the tank and tubes for a couple of hours with a solution of 2 pints of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide to 40 gallons of water. If odour continues, change the failing anode with a zinc-alloy anode. If it still does not depart, replace the electric water heater with a plastic-lined one.

Wrapping up

We expect that we have provided you with ample tips regarding how to trouble shooting water heaters. Keep exploring to learn more about the heating and cooling problems. Look for a genuine company that offers best heating maintenance Palatine.

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