The importance of the correct installation of windows in buildings

The Technical Building Code (CTE) , through its successive updates, demands better performance from buildings every day , with the aim of obtaining higher levels of quality and comfort for users. Although the products and construction systems incorporated into buildings have evolved in this sense, on many occasions the same level of demand has not been required in their implementation.

One of the most important elements to ensure quality and comfort in a home is the exterior carpentry . On the one hand, the correct installation of windows allows important energy and economic savings for the user, since it avoids air intake, overheating of the environment, as well as the formation of humidity and condensation. On the other hand, great results are achieved with regard to the acoustic insulation of the home .

The drafting of the UNE 85219: 2016 standard for placement of windows on site was one of the first steps in adapting to the requirements of the CTE. Through this standard, published in November 2016, the systems and technical conditions that must be followed for the placement of exterior windows and doors in the building opening are defined, with the dual purpose of providing user safety and durability at the time of their benefits.

In this sense, the Construction Labor Foundation has organized, together with the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Light Facades and Windows (Asefave) , a new course on window installation. Aimed at installers, the training, under the title of “Practical course for the installation of exterior carpentry” , seeks to provide students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to improve their skills in the installation of exterior carpentry, in accordance with the regulatory requirements in terms of quality, comfort and prevention of occupational risks.

Face-to-face course open to demand for new calls

This eight-hour face-to-face course has six different modules , focused on customer management, logistics, waste management, occupational risk prevention, the installation of the window according to the UNE 85219: 2016 standard and a final section , dedicated to testing and verification of facilities.

The calls for this training action will begin to be given in the different Training Centers that the joint entity has throughout the national territory .

The course, considered a training standard to meet the needs to update the skills of installers, will be taught by professional experts and will have an eminently practical content . Likewise, this action will be complemented with the Window Installation Guide , prepared by Asefave , and which will be delivered to all students who complete the training program. In addition, a diploma of achievement will be issued with the logos of the Construction Labor Foundation and Asefave at the end of the course.

Through this training action, the exterior carpentry installers will have the necessary knowledge to guarantee the highest quality in the installation process and compliance with the requirements that the building regulations include.

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