Getting the Most Out of Your Garden

You don’t have to be blessed with the largest garden to make the most out of your space this Summer. Good things come in small packages so don’t worry if you’ve not got the biggest space to play with. We have the top tips for you to make the most out of your garden this summer, from cold frames to choosing what you’ll grow, the options are endless when it comes to transforming your outdoor space this season. 

Preparing Your Soil

Preparing your soil through the seasons is important to long-lasting, healthy crops. You may want to consider a compost heap so you can add the organic matter to your soil through the year to turn it out, encouraging your crops to be happy and healthy. The perfect time to place your organic matter on top of your soil is shortly before planting. Consider placing the matter over your soil, allowing some further decomposition before raking and turning over the compost and beginning to plant. 

Choosing What You Will Grow 

How to choose what you will grow for your garden?

  • Assess the size of your outdoor space 
  • Consider the soil type in your garden and what will work best
  • Take into consideration the climate you’re working with all year round 
  • What way does your garden face? A North facing garden has much more shade than a South facing, so you’ll need to take this into consideration when choosing what to grow 
  • Know your shaded areas from your sunny spots 
  • You’re best to plant in large numbers if possible, this allows for any un-developing seeds and a beautiful floral arrangement 
  • Look into plants that last all year round so you don’t lose some color 

Using Your Space 

If your garden is on the smaller side and you’re wanting to create lots of greenery and beautiful floral arrangements, it’s time to get creative. Did you know? Your garden walls and fences are the perfect places to provide extra space for growing. It’s time to grow up the walls! Climbing plants are not the only option here, you can consider pouches, wall boxes, and hanging pots for your herb gardens. This is a perfect way to add height and definition to your space, not to mention the fresh scent of Rosemary and Basil bursting with the color green.

Cold Frames 

Cold frames are a fantastic solution to growing your plants in all weather conditions, particularly if your garden doesn’t have the space for a greenhouse. The major benefit of a cold frame is the ability to extend the seasons, from growing earlier to later and providing bigger and better crops. You can even use your cold frame to raise more of your own flowers and shrubs. A cold frame can also be used as a halfway house for plants in the spring when they move from the warmth and protection of your greenhouse into the cooler conditions of your garden. 

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