Cost of Hiring Dumpers Amid COVID-19 in the UK

COVID 19 pandemic continues to cause economic challenges in the engineering and construction sectors, leaving many companies at the worst in their history. Field managers are forced to abandon their previous plans of procuring specialized machines for their projects and collaborate with well-equipped capable partners involved in plant hire Kent. But here are vital pointers to keep in mind considering their impact on the cost of hiring dumpers during this COVID 19 pandemic period. 


Delivery Period

To mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, the Department of Health and Social Care has cautioned employers to implement workplace safety guidelines that align with the new prevention requirements. With social distancing being a vital guideline, companies have been forced to reduce their workforce. This calls for project participants to devise financial sustainability techniques that will ensure work continuity and future growth regardless of the challenges imposed by this pandemic. 


That said, project managers are adjusting their plant equipment rental procedures. Unlike in the past, mobilization seems to take longer due to the limited workforce. Lack of proactiveness by project managers can lead to project delays. But seeking long-term partnerships with the right machinery specialist can help reduce costs related to project delays and negotiate for better equipment hiring rates. 



In the same way, a plant and machinery hire company is concerned about their bottom line costs, so is the project contractor. Meaning, construction companies should adopt strategies that will help reduce cost. 

That said, working with a dumpster provider from the local area is a viable solution to cut down on rental fee, considering that the distance between the project site and the dumpster bin does influence the hiring fees. Not to mention that most providers will also offer discounts to clients who pay in cash. You have to be tactical to protect your bottom line.



The COVID 19 pandemic continues to influence insurance guidelines and risk assessment procedures. The role of insurance providers in maintaining workers’ safety and health has broadened. Many have effected changes in their insurance policies and application of some coverage on how COVID -19 project-related claims will be managed. This has led to improved plant and machinery hire costs, considering the need to hire construction lawyers to assist in pursuing claims related to COVID-19.


Dumpsters Demand Raising

While the current pandemic has cautioned construction companies to adapt to flexible working techniques, cost elements are vital in their project implementation. Contractors, project holders, developers and subcontractors have proved their capability to adapt quickly to changes that ensure project success, like seeking new collaborations. At FGS Plant Kent, we work in your favour to ensure you save on dumpster hiring costs and deliver your projects on time. Save on plant hire Kent today.

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