Chain slings – types and methods of use

chain slings

Cranes, hoists and cranes cannot fulfill their functions effectively if they are not provided with the correct equipment. Chain slings belong to the group of necessary accessories that will be used in numerous companies operating in the construction, logistics and production industries. There are several types of slings, and each is best for a different job.

What are chain slings used for?

Slings are tough and strong enough to cope with a wide variety of load conditions. It is imperative to follow proper precautions at all times and in all aspects of any particular scenario. The types of chain slings available for these different applications include single, double and multi leg slings. Thanks to them, you can lift various loads – from extremely heavy, through delicate ones, to dangerous materials. Slings can be attached to various types of machines, so their purchase may be the best way to modify your technological facilities.

Types of chain slings

  1. Single slings

┬áThe single leg chain sling is exactly as its name suggests – it has one chain length to support the lifted load. The use of this type of chain slings requires even distribution of the load. You can find single chain slings with links connected to the whole or with detachable hooks. Other types are adjustable and still more support a seemingly unlimited basket configuration. In the case of chains of class 80, you can have links with dimensions of up to 2 cm, while those of class 100 offer much thicker materials. Some individual chain slings have a load capacity of up to 30,000 kg.

  1. Double slings

Two-leg chain slings have two separate chain links that provide support for the loads being lifted. These slings also have various options to choose from, including main links with a fixed hook or a retractable catch. Some are equipped with a double basket or other accessories that will work well during specialized work. It is worth remembering that the load capacity of some models may exceed 60,000 kg. These chain slings are also available in different grades, lengths and configurations.

  1. Folded slings

To obtain additional lifting capacity to handle loads exceeding 90,000 kg, it may be necessary to use a multi-leg chain sling (which of course must be properly matched to the type of work to function properly and safely). These slings may consist of three or more chains. They come in the same variants as single and double leg slings.

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