3 Reasons to Install Double Glazed Replacement Windows

Double Glazed Replacement Windows

If you are a UK homeowner, you don’t need to be reminded just how bitter the winters can be, and if you have yet to replace those old softwood framed windows and doors, there are many reasons why you should.

  1. Significant Reduction in Energy Use – The amount of valuable heat that is lost through a single pane of glass is considerable, and even with good loft and cavity wall insulation, you will still be losing a lot of heat through the windows. Some homeowners report up to 60% saving on the winter quarter fuel bill, and that is too much of a saving to ignore.
  2. Boost Home Security – Once you have replaced all of your windows and doors with UPVC double glazed units, you are sending out the right message to burglars. Talk to one of the double glazing companies in Nottingham, and they can pay you a home visit, where you can discuss the many options. Toughened safety glass and locks on all window openings is standard practice, and with each unit mad to measure, the windows and doors fit like a glove.
  3. Add Considerable Value to your Property – UPVC windows and doors will never be cheap, yet they will last for many years, and you can expect a significant rise in the value. From an investment point of view, installing maintenance free UPVC double glazed windows and doors makes perfect sense.

There are many different designs to choose from, and with a style that is in keeping with your home, your new windows and doors will give your property character.

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