Why Would You Need an Expert Tree Surgeon

We most often think of surgeons as performing important work on the human body, repairing issues and keeping us healthy and sound. But did you know that surgery can also be done on the humble tree? An expert tree surgeon can actually provide a range of very useful services to homeowners, councils, and local businesses.

What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

So, how can an experienced tree surgeon in Edinburgh help you and what sorts of benefits does one provide? Consider the following:

  • Overhanging Trees: When trees overgrow, they can become problematic. Overhanging branches can damage overhead electrical wires and damage buildings. When branches drop, they can also injure pedestrians and damage parked motor vehicles. A tree surgeon can cut back overhanging branches, thus reducing risk.
  • Tree and Stump Removal: Whether you need a large tree removed or a stump that has been left over, a tree surgeon can do the job. This is often needed when a tree is diseased and is posing a physical threat because it can suddenly collapse or fall.
  • Crown Thinning: Trees can become nuisances in public areas when they are overgrown. The crowns of trees can interfere with other structures and can even become an eyesore. A tree surgeon has the skill, experience, and equipment to operate at heights and reduce the crowns of trees without damaging the tree long-

A Different Kind of Surgeon

Tree surgeons provide a little-known but very important service within communities. Trees offer many benefits but tree surgeons are sometimes required to keep them in check.



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