Total Access Control with State of the Art Electronics

If your company is one where many employees require access to specific areas, while others do not, there are total access control systems available that put you firmly in control. Keyless access can be programmed according to your needs, allowing those who need access to easily pass through secure doors, while anyone else is left out in the cold.

Tailored Solutions

There are no off-the-shelf solutions with total access control systems, and a visit from your local certified access control systems suppliers in Dudley is all it takes to design and create the right access control system that works for you. The supplier would carry out a survey of your business premises, and with your input, can design the ideal system, which would, of course, be keyless.

SSAIB Registered

Any company that professes to supply and install top quality security and access control systems should be a member with SSAIB, and if they are not, you should reconsider your options. All members of this association must meet extremely high standards, and with 25 years of hands-on experience, the SSAIB are the industry benchmark for the UK security sector.

Security Systems

The provider of total access control systems would offer other security systems, such as:

  • Video Surveillance
  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • CCTV Control Systems

Biometric Solutions

While using a magnetic card to gain access does eliminate the need for bulky keys, what happens is a key employee loses his card? This is a definite potential security risk, not to mention the inconvenience, and by opting for biometric access, your key staff have their fingerprints scanned, and a finger pad allows them access. As you probably know, every person’s fingerprint is unique, and no one is going to lose their index finger!







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