Make the Best of your Available Space with a Loft Conversion

Sooner or later, you will require some extra living space, and with the rising cost of building, a loft conversion is the most cost-effective way to give your family more living space. Of course, in order to do this, you must have an attic, and with some expert advice, there’s no reason why a loft conversion can’t provide the perfect solution.

What Does a Loft Conversion Involve?

As you already have the shell, converting your loft will cost a lot less than a traditional house extension cost in Bristol. Typically, a loft conversion entails the following:

  • Creating the Floor – Chipboard is the best material and with a skilled carpenter on the job, you will soon have a base to work on.
  • Adding skylights – Essential for natural lighting, it is common practice to have a skylight at each end of the loft, and they should have openings; to allow for essential ventilation.
  • Cladding– The inner roof and walls should be clad with plywood, while inserting a sheet of insulation in between the roof and the new cladding.
  • Lighting – LED lighting comes in so many shades and styles, and your local builder can make some recommendations, should you lack inspiration.
  • Water Tank & Piping – If you have a wet central heating system, the water tank can be cladded in timber, with a small service hatch built in.
  • Staircase – A custom built staircase that folds upwards will grant you access, and you may need a wider hatch to get furniture through.

Talk to your local builder about a loft conversion and see wat he can do for you.

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