How long is the Dafi bottle

How long is the Dafi bottle

A Dafi water bottle works slighly different than a pitcher. In the case of the bottle water is filtered at the moment of drinking. A bottle will be perfect outside and inside the house. It is extremely convenient and handy. It will be perfect for every situation. This bottle is easily available, we can choose its capacity and color. It is also worth adding that by using such a bottle, we protect the environment.

Where to buy it

It should be noticed that Dafi filter bottles and pitchers are onces the most often purchased by clients. What is important, we can buy Dafi products in the whole USA in the retail, supermarkets and stores. 

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On Dafi website after writing a name of the town we can check precisely where filter bottles will be available. But, if we do not have such opportunity or we do not want to buy a bottle in brick and mortar shops, we can do it on- line without any problems. Right now, there are a lot of on- line shops where we can get Dafi filter bottles. What is interesting, we can buy them even on company’s website- they have an on-line shop. So, we have several possibilities, but whatever we choose we should have no problems with buying any of the bottles because the products of this brand are very popular.

How long will the filter last?

The filter in the Dafi bottle has the ability to filter up to 150 liters of water. However, it should be remembered that regardless of whether we filter the amount or not, it is necessary to change the filter in the bottle every 30 days, thanks to which we will maintain the quality and properties of the filtered water.

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