Hardwood Floor: How To Clean It?

Hardwood floors are one of the best flooring options you have in hand. They make the room appear very appealing and elegant. However, many people avoiding installing hardwood flooring because they reckon that cleaning hardwood flooring is very difficult. This is not true. Cleaning hardwood flooring during home renovation can be very easy if you know the right process. Also, you can make hardwood flooring look as good as new by properly cleaning it. However, you have to ensure that it is cleaned timely so that it does not get very dirty. Mentioned below is a guide on how to clean your hardwood flooring: 

  1. Before cleaning any type of flooring, you have to first get rid of the dust and dirt. You can either sweep the floor to clean it or use a vacuum cleaner. While vacuuming, you should always ensure that you are using the right attachments. Otherwise, the floor can get damaged and you have to make extra expenses to get it repaired. Look for floor-brush attachments while cleaning the floor.
  2. Before getting started with the cleaning process, you have to check the type of finish it has. You will require different cleaning methods for different types of finishes. Mostly, hardwood flooring either has a wax finish or a polyurethane finish. If you do not know about the finish type, rub your finger on the surface. If you notice smudges, it has a wax finish. 
  3. While cleaning the floor, you will need a cleaning solution to deep clean the floor. You can either consider buying one of the floor cleaning solutions available in the market like a commercial wood-cleaning product or make one yourself at home. If you are creating the cleaning solution at home, you need to ensure that the contents are available. For starters, always use a mixture of ph neutral mild soap and water for cleaning the floor. Make sure that acidic vinegar solutions are not used in the mixture. It can make your home design appear dull.  

4.Once the cleaning solution is available, dip a rag or mop in the solution. While dipping it in the solution, ensure that it is damp and not completely wet. Now, use the damp mop to clean the floor but make sure you do not put too much cleaning solution on the floor. After mopping the floor, clean it again with a clean mop and water to wash off the solution from the floor. When the solution has been completely removed, use dry towels to dry up the floor. Drying up the floor is very important after cleaning the hardwood flooring with water so that it does not get damaged. 

  1. If you do not want to buy or make a cleaning solution, there is another way to clean your hardwood flooring during a home renovation. All you need are two tea bags and boiling water. Tea contains tannic acid that can make the home design appear shinier compared to many cleaning solutions. Once the teabag solution is ready, damp a mop in it and clean the hardwood flooring. You will start noticing the shine almost immediately after cleaning the floor. 
  2. Scratches are a very common issue faced by homeowners with hardwood flooring. These can ruin the appeal of the shiny floor. To get rid of scratches easily without making a lot of expenses, use a crayon that has the same color as the hardwood flooring. Fill the gap by rubbing the crayon on it, blow dry it on high heat, and then use a soft piece of cloth to tap on it gently. 

7. To prevent dirt and dust from entering the home interiors, you can consider putting down doormats. For better results, use two doormats for both sides of the doors. Scratches can be prevented as well by laying down rugs or using floor protectors under furniture. Rugs are perfect for areas that receive high traffic so that the floor does not get damaged. You can come up with other home renovation ideas as well to keep the hardwood flooring clean.

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