All you Need to Know About Loft Conversions

When you finally realise that your growing family needs more space, there are several options, and if you have a pitched roof, a loft conversion is a very attractive proposition, as it makes the best use of available space. When compared to the cost of a bricks and mortar extension, it is easy to see why many UK homeowners choose an attic conversion, and with the very high cost of both materials and labour these days, you couldn’t find a cheaper way to extend than a loft conversion.

  • Insulation – The existing insulation will have to be removed, as you now want the heat to rise up into the loft, and with a special insulation behind the new ceiling, the attic will always be warm and cosy. Ask the best building services in Frome, and they will recommend the best insulation, and what’s more, they can quote for the entire project.
  • Creating the Floor – Once the fibreglass insulation has been removed from in between the joists, a chipboard floor can be installed, which then gives you a solid platform that can either be covered with carpet tiles or vinyl.
  • Cladding – The interior would be clad with plywood, and the water tank (if you have one) would also be encased in plywood, as would any pipes or electric cables. The finish can either be painted or wallpapered, whichever you prefer, and with some bespoke shelving and cupboards, you have all the storage space you need.

You will also need some skylights and a set of foldable stairs to gain access, and by discussing your needs with the local builder, you will soon have that much-needed extra living space.

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