A Basic Guide to Garden Design

If you have finally decided to do something about your garden, you first must decide on the scope of the project, which might be anything from adding a few features to starting from scratch. Once you have decided on the scope of the project, you will need to source an experienced landscape gardener, who can help you with the design.

Professional Garden Design

Luckily, there are local landscape gardeners in Teddington who can turn your ideas into a workable plan, and once they know your budget, they can make a few design suggestions that are based on your preferences. There are, for example, many features that can be incorporated into the design, such as:

  • Water Fountain
  • Waterfall & Pond
  • Terrace
  • Split Levels
  • Turfed Lawn
  • Artificial Grass

When designing your garden, you should take into account the maintenance, which might be considerable, and with the landscape gardener’s help, the final layout will be ideal.

Making the Most Out of Available Resources

Whatever the current condition of your garden, you should make the best use of what you do have. Soil that is excavated to make way for a terrace could be used to create another level, which would also save you some money.

Working to Budget

The sign of a resourceful landscape gardener is his ability to work to the client’s budget, and once you have calculated how much you are prepared to invest in the project, the landscape specialist would probably be able to complete the project within that figure.












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