Why Bad Guttering Can Lead to Roof and Fascia Board Damage

You might not think too much about it but the health of your gutters is actually very important. It’s not uncommon for them to become blocked and this can lead to numerous problems that can be expensive to repair if neglected for too long.

Why Unhealthy Guttering Is Bad

The good news is that affordable roofers in Witney can provide a range of services including roof repair, guttering and fascia board replacement or repair, and new roof installation. So what kinds of problems can happen if your guttering is damaged or blocked? Consider the following:

  • Roof Damage: If your guttering is blocked, rainwater can pool in those areas and cause damage to the roof. Pooled water will eventually lead to cracks and erosion of the roof surface.
  • Fascia Boards: If you have debris in your gutters or your gutter has holes or is twisted, the rainwater may hit the fascia boards. This can lead to weakening of the wood and eventual rotting.

Recognising When You Have a Gutter Problem

Often, you’ll notice that you have a guttering problem when rainwater is spilling out and not going down the drainpipe. This is often the case when there is a downpour of rain and the water overspills from the guttering. If you notice this issue and leave it for too long, it can lead to damage to your gutters, the fascia boards, your roof, and even the eaves.



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