Resurfacing the Driveway? What are the Options

The driveway of any home has to endure untold punishment, and before very long, the weeds grow through and patches of tarmac need repairing. As winter says its goodbyes and we prepare for spring, now is the time to take a good look at what needs doing in the garden, and with that in mind, here are a few options for resurfacing the driveway.

  • Resin Bonding – A resin driveway is designed to last, and as the surface is semi-permeable, water drains through, ensuring there are no puddles. The surface is weed resistant, and the choice of colours allow for some creativity.
  • Block Paving – Fast becoming the material of choice for UK homeowners, block paving offers a permanent solution, as the blocks are very think and once installed, there is zero movement. Simply contact a paving supplies company in Bexley and you can browse their extensive selection of quality products before finally making a decision.
  • Natural Paving – A little more expensive, but definitely worth it. Natural paving is cut from the quarry and there are stunning designs that will transform your driveway.
  • Man-Made Paving Slabs – Compressed under very high pressure, man-made paving slabs are designed to last. Colours and textures offer a wide range of choices, and with the right ground preparation, your drive will handle anything the UK climate can muster.

If you’re fed up with constantly repairing your asphalt drive, all of the above will ensure that your driveway always looks great, and with a power wash every few months and a sealant applied, the surface will always look like new.












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