Prepare to Purchase Your New Home

When you are choosing a new home, there is more to the decision than liking the layout and colours. You must be sure that the home is in good condition. You may need to ask for an adjustment on the price if there are some repairs or updates that need to be done. A proper inspection of the electrical system, foundation, and structure needs to be done before you can move forward with a purchase.

Hiring a Surveyor

You need to make sure that you use a qualified professional to complete the inspection. If you need to change your offer on the house, proper documentation of the necessary repairs can be helpful. Look for a certified building surveyor in Gatwick. The proper certifications can ensure that the inspection is thorough and accurate. The homeowner is also more likely to adjust the price if the surveyor is properly certified.

  • Have an inspection before agreeing to purchase
  • Hire a certified surveyor
  • Request a price adjustment if repairs need to be done


Some problems with the home could result in a safety hazard. Electrical issues can be dangerous, as there could be a fire hazard. Even the kitchen appliances and gas lines should be checked. Gas leaks and severe foundation issues could also cause issues. Complications such as these may need to be fixed before you can live in the home.

It is exciting to purchase a new home. Even though you may be ready to move in immediately, it is necessary to make sure the home is safe. A quality inspection can help you get the answers you need before agreeing to a purchase. You can then negotiate price and repairs or choose another residence.



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