Looking to Resurface your Driveway? Look No Further than Resin

While asphalt has always been a popular driveway material, it does have its limitations, and with the emergence of resin-based solutions, there is now a practical alternative to tarmac, which is resin-bound. The installation procedure is as follows:

  1. Dig out the driveway
  2. Install drainage
  3. Lay permeable tarmac
  4. Lay the resin on the top

This is the correct way to install a driveway and if this procedure is followed, the driveway will last for many years.  Fortunately, there is a local driveways company in Dunmow who uses this very method and his driveways are legendary within the local community.

Semi Permeable Surface

This means that water will absorb through the resin and tarmac and into the drainage system that was installed under the driveway, so no matter how much rain, the driveway will always be free of water.

Choice of Colours

There are many colour options, as there is with edging stones, and by calling in an expert, you get to see many images of fine resin-bound driveways, which will help you to decide on a finish. The work is under warranty, which is a reflection of the confidence the installation company have with their work.

Talk to your local driveway specialist, but make sure he is experienced with installing resin-bound driveways, as not all driveway providers use resin. The end result is a driveway that looks great and last for many years, and with no maintenance and zero water retention, you have the prefect driveway.

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