How to Prevent Locking Your Children in the Car

Whether it’s the “new mom brain” or just being too busy on very little sleep, it’s not uncommon to literally forget your child in the car. Yes, it sounds horrible, but that doesn’t make anyone a bad parent. It’s really easy to just forget a child in the car if you’re not super present mentally, and have a lot going on. However, leaving them locked in, can be incredibly dangerous. Although we’d all like to wish that we would never do anything like this, it’s always better to stay prepared and know what to do in case you ever find yourself in that situation. In this post, we’ve outlined 5 things you can do, to prevent locking your children in the car, and what to do if you’ve found yourself on the other side of the door, with them inside! 

  1. Never leave them in the car

    This one seems like it’s pretty straightforward, but it’s very easy to think that you’ll “just be a minute” and save the time that it’ll take to get the kids out of the car seat, and then back in.  Although this does make sense, you never know how long you’re actually going to take. It’s a risk that could prove detrimental to your children’s wellbeing. One way to avoid something bad happening is by taking them with you, no matter how long you’re going to be! That way, they’ll be under your supervision constantly and won’t get locked in the car! This is the easiest way to go! 
  2. Keep your spare key on you

    A lot of people have spare keys, but don’t know how to store them properly. Having your spare keys on the same keychain as your main key makes the spare useless. The whole point of the spare is that you have access to that if you don’t have access to your main key. Always make sure you keep your spare key on you, either in your purse or wallet. This way, even if you do accidentally lock your children in the car, you’ll be able to unlock the car immediately!  
  3. Remember to check the seat

    Just like people have to form the habit of making sure the stove and curling irons are all off in the home before they leave, it’s important to get into the habit of checking the backseat before you leave the car, every single time! That way, even if you accidentally forget them in the car, you’ll catch it before it’s too late!  
  4. Teach your kids the basics of car safety

    When your kids are old enough to understand things, it’s important that you teach them the basics of car safety too. This will vary depending on their age, but they should know how to unlock the car from the inside. If they do get locked in, you’ll be able to guide them and ask them to open the doors! You’ll have to practice some caution here so they don’t just open the doors all the time, but it’s safer for them to know how a lock works than not!

Keep a locksmith on speed dial

If all else fails, there needs to be a failsafe. This failsafe is to keep a Locksmith in Rochester NY, or a locksmith in your general area on speed dial at all times. Ideally, the locksmith should know you, and your car. That way, they’ll be able to unlock your car in case of an emergency like this. However, even if you’ve never met them before, you should research and keep a contact number anyway, because locksmiths know their way around most cars anyway! So they’ll be able to help you unlock the car instantly! Making sure you can get your children out of the car, safely!

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