Home Remodeling Versus Home Renovation

People who own their own homes may be thinking about making some changes to the place they live. When it comes to altering the home, there are two choices that people have, and that is home renovations, or home remodeling. Some people believe that the two words mean the exact same thing, there is a significant difference between renovating a home and remodeling it, and it may make it easier for people who own a home to decide whether or not they want to do either one.

The Differences between Remodeling and Renovating A Home

While it is easy to mistake the words remodel and renovate, the truth is that they do not mean the exact same thing. An example that will help homeowners differentiate between the two is to think of a round white frosted cake. Renovating the cake would be to take that cake and change the color of its icing, and perhaps, adding something to it like, candy decorations or big frosting roses. To remodel a round frosted cake, the knife used to frost, it would be used instead to do things like cut the cake and change it from round to square. Here are some other major differences between home renovating and home remodeling:

• The amount of time the work takes: With home renovations, people are just changing the aesthetics of the home, so doing any kind of work may only a few weeks up to a month or two because the world is all on the surface of the home itself. Home remodeling involves doing more in-depth work to a house, and the time can take many months to complete.

• The use of a professional: When it comes to just doing a few things to the appearance of a house, like adding paint, or adding wallpaper, homeowners do not need to consult a professional. However, with a major remodeling project, a professional architect is going to have to be consulted so homeowners do not take matters into their own hands and do something that could seriously damage the structure of their home. Without the help of someone who knows what they are doing when it comes to the structure of houses, a simple renovation project can turn into a major problem because they inadvertently damaged their homes.

• The value of the home itself: Though there are several differences between remodeling and renovating, there is one thing that they both have in common and that is what they do to the value of a home. Whether it is just adding paint or wallpaper, or doing something like adding another room, the price that a home is valued at is going to go up. If homeowners decide to sell their home for something else, than what changes they have made are only going to make that home more desirable to others, and they will sell it pretty quickly.

Change is something that is inevitable, and for people who own a home, the change can be on the surface or deeper. Home remodeling is when the structure of a home is changed, and home renovations are when cosmetic things like adding paint or putting up wallpaper. Though no matter what changes homeowners make, their house will get more valuable, and if they choose to sell it, it will more desirable and sell fast.

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