Cue the Tape

The drains in your house are really important to keep everything running smoothly. But when those things are actually running smoothly, you don’t think about them. You don’t wonder where everything goes when it heads down the drain. You just let it go. Unfortunately, when those drains stop working, you start to notice the problems. That’s when you need to hire a professional who has the right tools.

Tuning in

The process of seeing what’s going on in your drains is actually a lot easier than you might have thought. That’s because you can actually use a video camera to check things out. It’s not the same as the camera that you probably have in your own home but it is going to give you video in a similar way. To conduct CCTV drain surveys in Leeds, the system has a unique antenna on the end that lets you see around corners (which happens a lot with pipes).

The Results Are in

When you can see what’s happening inside the pipes, you’ll be able to understand what needs to be done next. After all, you’re going to be evaluating some far more accurate results. So, make sure that you’re getting a company that can take a look at live images of your drains to:

  • See blockages
  • Make a better plan for repair
  • Evaluate blockages
  • Discover the location of the problem

Once you get in there with the camera, you can do all of these things and then some. That way, your plumbing problem doesn’t stay a problem for very long.



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