Boost your Property Value with a Bespoke Timber Conservatory

Sooner or later, a growing family will need more living space, and that leaves the homeowner a decision to make. Is it better to upgrade to a larger house, or extend the existing property? Due to the very high cost of relocating, many UK homeowners are looking to bespoke timber conservatories, which really do add charm and character to any property.

The benefits of a timber conservatory are as follows:

  • Double glazed
  • Security Locking
  • Toughened glass
  • Year-round use
  • Designed to complement the home

Designed Around your Needs

Fortunately, there are experienced joiners in Chichester who can design and craft a stunning conservatory, complete with double glazing, which keeps you warm and cosy in the winter. They have a wider range of excellent designs and use several species of wood to handcraft the conservatory to precise dimensions.

If you want the very best, don’t settle for a company that fits replacement windows, you want a specialist joiner who takes pride in his work, and with your input and their experience, the perfect living space can be designed and created.

Listed Properties

If you own a listed property and wish to add some living space, a timber conservatory can be crafted to be in perfect keeping with the property. Look for a company that offers listed property renovations, as they will be able to design and build the perfect conservatory that will look like it came with the house.

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